Youth Ministry Vision Statement

Our youth ministry exists to EXPOSE teenagers to God’s love,

to EQUIP them to EXALT God,  

ENJOY other believers,

and EXPERIENCE the work of the ministry.

This will result in a generation of men and women of faith being raised up.

We base our conviction on what is said in Scripture in Matt. 22:37-39 and 28:19-20

The Biblical Basis for Our Vision

Our youth ministry exists to…

EXPOSE teenagers to God’s love (evangelism)
“Go and make disciples” Matt. 28:19

EQUIP them (discipleship)
“Teaching them to obey” Matt. 28:20

EXALT God (worship)
“Love the Lord your God with all your heart…
all your soul…all your mind” Matt. 22:37

ENJOY other believers (fellowship)
“Baptizing them” Matt. 28:19
(identifying them with Christ and His church)

EXPERIENCE the work of the ministry (ministry)
“Love your neighbor as yourself” Matt. 22:39

Our Vision Implementation

Our vision is to see these teens become mature believers in Christ. We have five aspects of growth to focus on for a healthy and well-balanced youth ministry. These are derived from the Great Commandment and the Great Commission. How do we go about doing this?

We can EXPOSE teenagers to God’s love through challenging our students to share the Gospel through telling their testimonies and bringing their friends to our Friday program where the Gospel will be shared in a clear manner. The students go and make disciples through introducing them to Christ.

We can EQUIP our teens through encouraging them to live out personal spiritual disciplines, providing spiritual growth classes and special training, and a purposeful relationship being built with the adult workers. The spiritual growth classes provide our teens Biblical instruction and our staff and parents model how this instruction applies to life.

Our Friday program will fulfill the purpose of EXALTING God. We can exalt God through joyful games (their heart), praise (their soul), and His Word (their mind). We give them an opportunity to love God with everything they have. Friday is the teens’ night after a hard week of school. This is also an easy access into church and a great opportunity to expose teens to God’s love. It’s not as formal as Sunday worship and not as Bible heavy as our Spiritual Growth Classes.

We can help our teens ENJOY other believers through our Friday program. A successful small group structure will help immensely toward getting believers to identify with Christ.

We can help our teens EXPERIENCE the work of the ministry on Friday through students ministering to students. Our core and committed students (servant leaders) can love the community and crowd students (everyone else and those who aren’t there). Many opportunities for our teens to experience the work of the ministry are available.

We seek to be more purposeful with each of these five aspects of growth.


Youth co-workers

James Park – Youth Pastor

Andy Goh – Youth Deacon

Hend & Anita Dwiyono– Sunday Spiritual Growth Class coordinator

Esther Goh – Youth Ministry Council coordinator

Youth Fellowship

Fridays 7:30pm-9:30pm

Youth Worship

Time: 9:30am – 10:45am
*Except the 1st Sunday of the month when it is combined with the English worship from 9:30-10:45am.

Place: Youth Worship Center (above Babyland, level 2 of the building)

Youth Sunday school

11:15am – 12:30pm in the youth center
We promote our classes from the beginning of June.