Dear member of GPCCC:

Praise the Lord that the interview with Calvin Qin for the Student Center went well last weekend. Now PSC starts to collect feedback from the congregation. Please look for the forms in emails or hard copies from your fellowship chair persons. This form will be handled confidentially within the PSC ONLY, Printed name is required, so is signature on a hard copy form. Please return the forms either by email to , or to any of the PSC members, or your fellowship chair person by 9/30/2017. Please keep praying for the process going forward. Let His will be done!

感谢神上周末秦恩光传道的面试顺利结束。现在学生中心聘牧委员会开始收集会友反馈。各团契主席将会用电邮将反馈表发给大家,也会有纸票以便不用电邮的会友提供意见。请注意反馈表将在聘牧小組内保密处理,必须有署名才有效,如果是纸票,那么签字也是必须的。请大家为此祷告,慎重填写,将表格9/30/2017 之前送回给聘牧委员会的邮箱 ,或者交给任何一位聘牧委员,或交给你的团契主席。请大家继续为以后的聘牧工作祷告,愿主的旨意成就!

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