To comply with the Lord Jesus Christ’s Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20), we are committed to spread gospel to the community and to the end of the world. At present, the church supports missionaries around the world, missionaries of Christian organizations and ministries involved in the community. The church directly encourages the church congregations to involve in missionary work: commitment and ministry in the name of Jesus to serve the community and society; follow the Great Commission and preach the Gospel of Christ starting from the community to the end of the earth.

Greater Phoenix Chinese Christian Church (GPCCC) Mission Committee was established in 1992.  Its primary goal is to establish a strategy to support current and future mission projects. In the past few years, the church key members have completed some of the Pathways curriculum (, formerly known as Worldwide Perspectives course). The roles and objectives of the Mission Committee have now considerably expanded. Members of the committee is now monitoring more than two hundred eighty thousand U.S. dollars budget in a year, is also responsible for the implementation of the strategic mission and management of funds; which includes missionaries support contact, preaching the gospel to international students, unreached people groups,monitoring a large number of short-term mission trips and long-term missionary task.  All these have become key priorities.

In addition, GPCCC establishes two special fellowships for two groups of Chinese immigrants.  They are Spiritual Food Fellowship for Chinese immigrants who work in the restaurants and the Spiritual Power Fellowship for Chinese immigrants who work in the massage industry.

The future efforts of the mission Committee include the development of a better plan, an improved mission, and church supported missionary candidate evaluation program. By the grace of God, sustained by our prayers to envision the kingdom of God, GPCCC wants to accomplish the mission of God, which is entrusted to us. We wish to accomplish what God has entrusted to us spreading the gospel to the people of Phoenix, and to the end of the earth.

GPCCC currently supports a seminary student, ten missionaries who work in the frontier, six mission agencies, and five long-term overseas mission fields.

GPCCC also actively involves in contacting and preaching the gospel to international students and their families, the church recently establishes a student activity center around Arizona State University to serve the Chinese students.

GPCCC also involves in many local ministry, for example, periodically spreads the gospel in the Chinese elderly apartment buildings in Phoenix; serves the homeless people; Chinese school ministry, teaches Chinese to local children and adults who are willing to learn Chinese also contacts many local Chinese children and families in order to spread the gospel and so on.