Our prayer for the English congregation in 2016 is that we ENCOUNTER JESUS

through Coming Back to Our First Love…Christ (Dec-Feb)
*Create a Compelling Community (Mar-May)* 
*Establish Godly Covenants (Jun-Aug)*
and Fulfill our Commission (Sep-Nov) <– THIS QUARTER


Defending My Faith – led by Pastor DerekCO-203
We will discuss how to combat the cultural forces that are pushing biblical Christianity out of the public square.  We will talk about the reliability of Scripture, the existence of God, the Claims of Christ and look at various religions and cults that purport to be truth, but are in fact, a lie.


College – The Gospel of John– led by Pastor Jerry – CO-204
As our church focuses on the great commission, come join other college students in learning about God’s heart for the lost through Jesus life and ministry, with an emphasis on the Gospel of John.


Young Adult Sunday School – Sermon Discussion and Fellowship– led by Eddie Kwan – CO-205
We are trying something new with our young adult ministry. In place of a traditional Sunday school class, we’ll gather for a time of fellowship and share thoughts about sermon before heading out to lunch together.


Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage – led by Pastor Larry (from 9/11- 10/9) CO-202
Every marriage needs a tune-up. For five weeks, we will focus on bringing joy back to marriages through this video series by Mark Gungor. Topics covered include the Tale of Two Brains, Sex: What Matters, the #1 Key to Incredible Sex, and How to Stay Married. Come for a good laugh and a renewed marriage.


Faith Foundations: Bible – led by Pastor Larry (from 10/16-11/20) – CO-206
Our foundation is Christ, now what do I do with my life? “…each man must be careful how he builds on it.” (1 Cor. 3:10b) We will go over Bible study basics and overarching themes from Scripture. Get ready to go deeper.